Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hey all,

Finally!!! We have contracts!!! BUT, we are not financing and MJH have asked for full amount to be placed in security account. Problem is - half of it is in term deposit for a few more months. I have asked for a solution and flexibility as surely i'm not the only one who has come across this??? The good news is we meet the Complying Development criteria so we should have all paperwork certified and turned around with a construction green light within the month according to our CS. Wanted to make 1 or 2 changes but its not worth the $1000 bucks! Still a little nervous about the colours also but, ill cross my fingers that going out on a limb was worth it.
Ive added a couple of pics of our plans and the land with the 2 x Procorp properties going up beside us. They were flying along but have slowed.

Block of land waiting!
House on land