Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tiling and painting finalised

Hey all,

We now have complete kitchen, all robes fitted out, floors tiles, walls painted and all we have left is electrical wrap up, bathroom and kitchen fittings and carpet. A couple of weeks i'm told??

To give you an update, some pics below, enjoy and comments welcome!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fix out

Hey all,

Well, been a while but been alot of progress. All that is left is the flooring and painting. Bricks up, doors on, kitchen in, wet areas tiles. Ive been really happy with the progress and the site supervisor is the best part of all this - he is brilliant and well on top of things. The finish appears to be spot on as well and thats what i was hoping for from MJH. A big part i was nervous of also was the kitchen bench in caesarstone called Free Spirit. A little peculiar and colourful but i am blown away with how it looks. Not everyones cup of tea but, suits me fine!! Enjoy the pics and ill add some more on the weekend showing finished external as well.
 All bricking is done - view from back alfresco
 Front bricked - garage is on as is front door and stain, will add pics
 Roof done

 Kitchen colours, porcelain floor tiles 300 x 600 to be laid brick pattern, the leather piece is the colour leather of the lounges going in main room. Picked up a great deal from King Furniture (on sale). 
 Full kitchen view - we originally had the Lustrous Elm on the bottom row of back cupboards also but changed to the same colour as the top. Really happy with the way the stone turned out (checking on a gap in the join though)
Caesarstone Free Spirit and Lustrous Elm. Walls will be white ash and have a white 300 x 600 splashback. Kind of wish we went a mosaic but oh well.

We have also been buying up big in the EOFY sales. Got new bedroom suites, lounges from Kings and Brescia, all great sales! Got the bar stools and this weekend picking all the televisions and dining table - more spending!!!!!

Cheers all!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Frame and bricks

Hey all,

Been a while for some pics but got a few to show now. The frame is up, plumbing is in, windows are in and the best part is the bricking has started and is a way along. Ill be hoping to see the roof soon (i keep wanting to see if the colours look right). I am very happy at the moment with how the bricks match the windows and the change is windows we made.

Front with windows in home theatre
Front facade inc garage 

rear of house with excess excavated and removed - will retain around tank and have steps off alfresco
Rear with excess removed

Bricks down living side
A finished wall 
The bricks we are using - A Bowral brick - heavy suckers too!
Bedroom side - close up of colours
Childrens activities changed to slimline windows - i love the look

Monday, February 28, 2011

Dirt turning

Well it has finally happened! The dirt is flying and it is all moving quite quickly. turn up one day, nothing, the next,  you have a slab. Amazing how different things appear from plans to reality and great to finally see how they will come out. The alfresco is shortened slightly due to proximity to the fence and you will see notice it in the pics. Thinking forward, god i hope my colours look good together!!!!!!

Every day, something happened, site marked out, site scraped, piers poured, slab laid, fence up. Theres going to have to be some landscaping to level things out a little but once the excess fill is removed, looks like it will be relatively easy. Anyway, some pics below and im told external plumbing Friday and frame next week. My site supervisor communicates everything to me and i love the fact that he does.


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Council approval!

Wow, finally it has come! We have received council approval and have had commitment to be at construction before the end of this month. No real hurdles at this point and the ones that have been presented have been well handled by MJH. Now we see if the colours, etc selected actually make sense when put together and arent simply a digital image.

Had one objection from a neighbor apparently but dont know what it was. Council overuled it. Cant understand what the problem could have been??? The good news is there is fencing up all around us so that appears to be covered. We had no say in any of it as it just appeared one day so dont think ill get hit up for a bill of any sort????????

Anyway, ill definitely have some pics up soon as the dirt starts to fly!!!!!

Cheers all!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hey all,

Finally!!! We have contracts!!! BUT, we are not financing and MJH have asked for full amount to be placed in security account. Problem is - half of it is in term deposit for a few more months. I have asked for a solution and flexibility as surely i'm not the only one who has come across this??? The good news is we meet the Complying Development criteria so we should have all paperwork certified and turned around with a construction green light within the month according to our CS. Wanted to make 1 or 2 changes but its not worth the $1000 bucks! Still a little nervous about the colours also but, ill cross my fingers that going out on a limb was worth it.
Ive added a couple of pics of our plans and the land with the 2 x Procorp properties going up beside us. They were flying along but have slowed.

Block of land waiting!
House on land

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Well, just when i think its sorted, i change my mind! Made some changes just in time before colling off period finished with colour selections Whats changed:

Undermount sink in kitchen
30 x 60 tiles again, after changing to 60 x 60
got rid of titanium tile and went a mosaic
splashback now white
Walls now White Smoke

Erin has been great about it all and im glad we finally have this sorted. Now, on to the next step. Electricals????