Sunday, April 17, 2011

Frame and bricks

Hey all,

Been a while for some pics but got a few to show now. The frame is up, plumbing is in, windows are in and the best part is the bricking has started and is a way along. Ill be hoping to see the roof soon (i keep wanting to see if the colours look right). I am very happy at the moment with how the bricks match the windows and the change is windows we made.

Front with windows in home theatre
Front facade inc garage 

rear of house with excess excavated and removed - will retain around tank and have steps off alfresco
Rear with excess removed

Bricks down living side
A finished wall 
The bricks we are using - A Bowral brick - heavy suckers too!
Bedroom side - close up of colours
Childrens activities changed to slimline windows - i love the look

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